Meet the Founders: VITS

Meet the Founders: VITS

Meet VITS – Health Founders portfolio company with a leading-edge vision to revamp workplace health and safety practices.
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What is the problem you are solving?

Jaanika: We help companies manage their employees health and wellbeing. Employees are the most valuable asset in the company: every minute an employee is struggling with pain or discomfort is a loss of money for the company. 

Roland: Companies need to organise their health and safety data and to get a proactive insight into it.

Tanel: To have more time for health & safety professionals to do substantive work on the field by having a conclusive overview of where to direct their energy. We provide the right tools to achieve necessary time-winning goals.

Svea:  We want to prove that occupational health and caring about your employees doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Why is now the right time to solve this problem?

Svea: There is no right time. We just try to find the right moment.

Roland: Companies are digitalising their operations and health and safety regulations are becoming more thorough as well.

Tanel: Time and its management are key to every successful undertaking. Health and safety is one of the most important and popular topics in the present day. Nowadays, everybody wants to feel safer and more protected than ever. Yet, with time as a bounded resource, companies find themselves with limited opportunities to tackle this issue. We provide a clear advantage in this area, by providing a time-effective opportunity for companies to support their own. 

Jaanika: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing new problems related to their employees. They experience more mental health problems, ergonomic issues, work life imbalances and so forth. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. However, they often do not know how to mitigate the risks they are exposed to.

How are you different from your competitors?

Tanel: We don’t just give out a product to use. Instead, we ask our clients to be part of the wider community of health and safety professionals to share ideas and gain value in each others’ experiences.

Roland: We provide proactive insights, automated specialist knowledge, and enable cooperation between users from different companies.

Jaanika: Compared to our competitors, our onboarding is faster and extremely easy. Our platform is very user friendly and logically built. Most of our customers haven’t required any training in order to implement it. 

Svea: We believe that by introducing a seamless process to tackle companies’ health and safety needs, we address a need shown by many companies all over Europe.

What is the recipe for a successful team?

Svea: Good and pleasant atmosphere, friendly approach to colleagues and clients.

Jaanika: Having the same mindset and believing in what we do. Also, I believe that hard work and fun should go hand in hand. That keeps the team in balance and motivated. 

Tanel: Belief, chemistry, positivity + open communication.

Roland: People have mutual understanding, competence, roles and resources that help them to work towards a common goal.

What will be written in newspaper headlines about your company in 5 years?

Tanel: Estonia got his 50th Unicorn!

Svea: VITS: a leading healthcare developer from Estonia.

Roland: VITS is a well known innovative and trustworthy service provider in the field of workplace health and safety, both in physical and mental health aspects, and they have a lively community of members.

Jaanika: I hope there will be many headlines. One would be “VITS has raised 3 million euros to predict work accidents and work related diseases”. Another, “VITS is building a community of health and safety specialists from all over the world”. 

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