Meet the Founders: Migrevention

Meet the Founders: Migrevention

We sat down with the founders of Migrevention to hear more about their vision of building a first of its kind virtual headache clinic. Meet Katrina Laks, CEO, Triinu Niiberg-Pikksööt, CFO, Karl Käis, CTO, Mark Braschinsky, CSO and Einar Roosileht,

What is the goal of Migrevention?

Triinu: The goal of Migrevention is to bring effective headache treatment closer to patients and make the work of specialists smoother than it currently is.

Katrina: As Triinu already mentioned, Migrevention takes headache treatment closer to patients via a personalised experience on a state-of-the-art digital level. One of our subgoals, which we hope to reach through patient engagement, is to make migraine accepted in our current society.  

Karl: We aim to show that treatment on our Migrevention platform is better than conventional treatment.

Mark: At Migrevention, we strive to provide an evidence-based comprehensive multimodal digital migraine and headache treatment platform.

Why is now the right time to solve the migraine burden?

Mark: Migraine is a top disorder leading to the highest number of years lived with disability. The need for solutions is enormous, due to the overload of the healthcare system which cannot provide adequate management to all of those in need.

Triinu: Migraine is one of the most disabling diseases which affect working-age population in the world. In the case of migraine, research into digital treatment options has been on the rise only during the last decade. However, research is largely stuck behind the readiness of patients as well as professionals. Today, it can also be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the overarching need for digital treatment options. 2020 is an invaluable opportunity for the development and market entrance of new digital solutions.

Karl: We are in a significantly better environment for the development of digital health products compared to a few years ago, in spite of the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought about in the medical sector. Furthermore, the medical field is moving towards a patient-centered approach, a goal to which Migrevention is proudly contributing. 

Katrina: I have been using mobile and wearable health technology as a patient for about 10 years. I saw a positive change towards digital technology from doctors about 5 years ago. Now, as the medical device regulations make the digital therapeutics market clearer, we see that it is time to test society’s trust and acceptance for our Migrevention virtual headache clinic solution. As migraine stakeholders have repeatedly told us – they need to receive accurate help sooner than they do now.  We are eager to give them this opportunity!

How are you different from your competitors?

Mark: We have no real competitors. No solutions like Migrevention exist in the world.

Katrina: Migrevention was created to give life to an idea which could change all of our team members’ lives. We believe that you cannot solve migraine problems piece by piece: you have to do it using a comprehensive approach, which is exactly what our goal is at Migrevention.

Triinu: At the moment, Migrevention is the only solution aiming to map the patient’s full journey directly from a mobile application. We base our solution on international treatment guidelines and the most up-to-date headache research. 

Karl: The most important aspects of our solution are: 

  1. The patient can receive all of their treatment without leaving home, as well as a specialist can perform the treatment at a time and place convenient for them.
  2. We strive for evidence-based medicine, carefully following current research.

What is the recipe for a successful team?

Katrina: I tend to think that our key to success has been in the pain and complementary knowledge we share. As a CEO, I am extremely happy about our amazing personal relationships and clear communication in every thinkable channel and situation.

Triinu: Trust and quality of work. None of us agrees to make discounts on quality. Regardless of the fact that we are young as a team, we have grown into an effective team where we can confidently say: one for all – all for one.

Karl: I believe our strength is two-fold. On the one hand, we share the same values and work ethic. On the other hand, we fully complement each other’s skills and knowledge.

Mark: We strive to represent all of the parties involved, from patients to all the specialists. We are all working towards the same goal!

What will be written in newspaper headlines about your company in 5 years?

Triinu: Meet Migrevention – the world ‘s top digital pain clinic!

Karl: Attention! There is less pain in the world. 

Katrina: Migrevention donates 5% of its yearly revenue to migraine and headache connected non-profit organisations and scientific institutions to relieve the global migraine burden. 

Mark: The first digital migraine and headache treatment platform helps millions of sufferers.

Find out more about Migrevention:

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